Korean healthy food & Bubble tea
for everyone

K-Bop is Austin’s new hit Korean restaurant!


We offer light, healthy Korean-style cuisine made fresh with high-quality ingredients.

The Taste of Korea

불고기 [Bulgogi]

  Bulgogi is prepared by marinating thin slices of beef and grilling them. In the past, the royal court and Yangbans (gentry class) in Seoul used to call it ‘Neobiani,’ which means wide meat slices.

  Bulgogi has long been a popular dish served to guests. Many foreigners visiting Korea are impressed by Bulgogi, and state guests are no exception. Indeed, U.S. President Barack Obama, a known fan of Korean cuisine, cites Bulgogi as one of his favorite lunch choices. During his 2009 state visit to Korea, Cheongwadae (presidential residence) gladly obliged and served Bulgogi at the official dinner.

                                              (Reference: www.hansik.org)

Korean Healthy Food and Bubble Tea
Dawn H., Yelp.com

“She bop, I bop for K-Bop! Yay, I'm a fan!

A nice ATX addition to the Asian food scene,

they are serving up some popular and pretty legit Korean fare.


The Beef Bulgolgi Bowl flavors were spot on (served with glass noodles and rice),

tender meat, and a perfectly cooked pan fried egg on top. Yum!


Ton Katsu was perfectly breaded and cooked, very traditional tasting brown sauce

had great balance of flavors and was served with sticky rice and nom nom slaw.


You want kimchi? Why of course! Side order with meal = no charge = gOOd!.”