About Korean Cuisine

  K-Bop opened our doors in 2016. We wanted to share the many delicious flavors of Korea with Austin. In the short time we've been open, we've already become a local favorite! We look forward to continuing to delight you with our light, healthy Korean-style cuisine for many years to come.

  K-Bop is Austin's new hit Korean restaurant! We offer light, healthy Korean-style cuisine made fresh with high-quality ingredients. From the moment you step inside our cheerful, colorful eatery, you'll be delighted by the delicious smells of authentic Korean cooking.

  From Korean-style rolls to bowls and soups, K-Bop offers the best in quality and taste. Try our famous Beef Bulgogi Bowl or slurp some authentic Soon Doo Boo Jigae with family and friends. Top off your meal with a milk tea or smoothie, available in flavors like coconut, green tea, and taro. We look forward to sharing the many delicious flavors of Korea with you!

From the Reviews


Edward X - Yelp

"Authentic Korean food. I'd even recommend picky eaters to try it and to form an opinion. I believed that it was good, but hey, you don't have to like everything that's good or hate everything that's bad. That being said, I enjoyed the food but also realize it caters to an Asian taste. Great if you like authentic Asian food."


Joshua Robles - Google

"K-Bop has yummy korean food and they play kpop which is really nice. They also have tasty bubble tea! Totes recommend :)"

Izzo I. - Yelp


"This place is phenomenal!! I don't write reviews often but absolutely had to write one for this place. The kind of place where most of the clientele is Korean so you know it's authentic. I had a spicy seafood soup called Soon Doo Boo Jijgae, it was very flavorful and spicy. I will be back!"